A Reverie


There was a time,
We were together.

There was a time,
We wandered,
Through the silent parks,
Upon the green grass,
Below the willow trees.

Once I knew not,
How strange it could get,
When you’re not there.

It’s come.
It’s come.

The time queer,
The place unknown,
And I’m not who I was.
Lost in a reverie.

             _____Muhammad Shahab.


The Flying Dead


I was dead then,
Resurrected now.

The change you brought,
The spirit you excited,
The stir you gave.

All make
Once miserable soul
A meteor
Flying towards you.



O love…
the dark and deep
core to perpend.

Feelings thicken, and sleep,
flies as though it were a hummingbird.

Trials and feats scuffle in
the dark and deep.
You… besotted me,
I think it will end,
but end is the new beginning
of the dark and deep.
                   ____Muhammad Shahab.

The Love I Despise


Is the one I loved once.
Her truculent heart never returned,

Left me dazzled,
Whenever she said,
“I don’t care”.

Now, As you see!
She’s become the victim,
Of a heart so sullen and sulky,
She despises nor obliviates,

I’ve forgotten,
She remembers.
Perhaps, the turning and turning,
Of hearts as mine and hers go,
There neither was nor will be,
A love as an alter ego.

                ____Muhammad Shahab.

Your Face


The moon is shy,
The sun is sallow,

My love!

Hide your face.
So the moon shines,
And the sun glitters.

Your face!
More radiant than the moon,
More luminous than the sun.
       ____Muhammad Shahab.

The Timid Lover


The storm is coming
I see her yonder,
On the way,
Towards me,
Full of beauty and gay.

I’m afraid,
To express,
The fire,
That burns,
In my heart.

Do I dare?
What if she leaves?
What if she’s offended?
But I must tell,
How I feel.
She said, “You’re my friend”.

          ____Muhammad Shahab.

Reminiscence of a Lost Hermit


Out in the West of Xanadu,
The godly mountain of Samu,
Winter and summer pass.

Beneath the mountain,
Abreast the sea,
There lodged a Hermit.
Of his name I never knew.

His face pale, his beard rough,
Eyes deep, hair long.

Full two years I saw him,
Now and then when I passed by,
Neither a word I nor he ever spoke.

I once advanced but in vain,
This man, his mystery will remain.

Men will wonder, people ponder.

The sea beside the mountain,
Deep as his eyes and rough as his beard,
Rushing through rocks and rumble.

Buried him with his mysteries,
Adown the white waters.

      _____Muhammad Shahab.