Are You Working the Right Way?


One of the greatest scientists Stephen Hawking once said;

Work gives you meaning and purpose and life is empty without it.”

The question I want to ask you is, “Are you working the right way?” To this, Hawkimg did not supply an answer. So let us have a brouhaha about how to work the right way and get where you want to go in the next mont, perhaps, the next year or even in five years. There are many ways of working really hard but sometimes you’ll get confused what to do next and what is important for you to do at the right place in the right time. Let me supply an answer to the muddle of working the right way.

Work Smart
You might have heard this before but not too many people would’ve told you how to work smart. Everyone works, perhaps, eight hours a day, six days a week but working constantly at the same pace is not a good idea at all. You have to change the way you work. Working like the other guy beside you will not give you the desired results. Here I would simply say that define your own workstyle which is absolutely different from the other guy. If the other guy works eight hours a day, do the same but change the style.

Take Responsibility
The first thing in smart work is to take responsibility. Take the responsibility of your job, whatever that job you have; an accountant, a teacher, a student, or whatsoever. There is a saying,

With great power comes great responsibilities.”

But I say the more responsibility you take will give you an influence among others and it will give you power. So by taking responsibility you’ll get trusted. Everyone trusts the one who is more responsible. Once someone told me that;

“Business is playing with others’s money.”

But who’ll give you his money if you’re unresponsible? It applies everywhere else exactly the same.

By prioritising your work you’ll get more things done in less time. Everyone has time but it depends on their priorities. Give priority to important work. Do not get confused by too many tasks, just prioritise the most important tasks to be done first and you’ll see the consequences.

Focus on One Task at a Time
In any work focus is very important. Once you prioritise your work, take the first task and focus on it as you are a lion approaching calmly at a prey. Avoid too many distractions such as social media while you work. You can divide your time in periods. Work for one hour with full focus then take five minutes brake. Listen to a song, browse Facebook, or just get outside and look at the sky. Repeat this circle as long as you finish your work.

Take Risk
Those who do not take risks remain the same. When it is about work, take risks. So many famous people you know have had taken risks. James Cameron put his own life at risk by challenging the Challenger Deep. He went there, recorded his journey diving to the deepest place in the ocean. Why do we remember him is because he took a risk. I do not mean that you go and jump to river but take a calculated risk. Make calculations and measure the consequences and put the whole of your energy into it. As Marcuss Sieff once said;

“Leaders must be seen to be up front, up up to date, up to their job, and up early in the morning”.

So in this way you’ll get the desired results. At the end of the day you’ll be satisfied with what you do because of your smart work which will distinguish you from the lot.
       __Muhammad Shahab


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