The Aliens We Love


I dared a stroll in the park.

Midnight it was, alone I wandered
The benches empty
Afar from the night walkers.

My aim not of being nostalgic,
But a voice calling
Through the window I heard.

This same voice I hearkened
For a fortnight
At last
I dared, I dared
Going to the spot.
I saw a shape, a form.
A form pitch black I hardly discerned
To be human.

Frightened as I was to what this beast,
This unearthly form would say.
It howled before me and I stood
Unmoved I know not why
The words I heard;
“Never love the alien I loved.”

             ____Muhammad Shahab.


23 thoughts on “The Aliens We Love

  1. ᵏᴼᵏᴼ says:

    anyway… was a song… the link is from spotify; it works well… as I can see; the sound is perfect… hmm… next time no more links

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  2. I particularly like this poem. I worked night shift for a long time and wandered the city parks at night. You capture the mysteries and haunting feel of the night very well. I wonder… would you be willing to divulge your intent with this poem. My husband and I have been discussing…

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    • Thank you for liking the poem.
      To tell you about the intent, I start to write about one thing and it turns out something utterly different. The only thing I remember about this poem is that I somehow was thinking about Kafka’s Metamorphosis and Yeats’ The Second Coming.


      • This poem does have the feeling of that strangeness of night shadows and how they play with your imagination. So it makes sense that those poems would have been on your mind. Thanks for letting us into the mind of the poet!

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