A Sparrow; Happy and Lonely


I had dreamt–as often
Dreams do come true–
Of falling in love with you,
Of losing my being
To be in union with you

I saw the day the sundry folks
Were in queues,
Waiting upon you, save me
Looking through a glass mirror,
Reflecting the residue.

I was happy for the day.
Now and then I refrained,
But you advanced as I feared,

Yet I was happy,
For you were happy,
That being my world.

Now I am old.
Old as a meek sparrow
As a wave gently passing by.

Yet you left,
Refused to take me.
Not a word of coming back,
What a world have you left to me
For a world so strange and eternal?

                 _____Muhammad Shahab.


27 thoughts on “A Sparrow; Happy and Lonely

  1. where do you live ..M..? Doesn’t matter really. I would just like to have “friends from many lands”, that is also the name of a book my mother gave me as a child to instill worldly appreciation in me..and it worked.while I despise the terrorist and all the guises they inhabit..I do very much like worldly people.

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      • Well I’m sorry to say I am not well versed in world geography. You might indicate I am a typical American and that would be true…I think…I’m not really sure what designates typical. Ill say this …I am a 70 yr old man that has worked hard all my life in the construction business and. And moonlighted as a seeker of my own talents as musician, songwriter, poet and now I love to tinker with stories…some short or long. But writing is my current enjoyment. Who knows. Will I see any fruit blossom from my efforts or just receive the enjoyment of creation? Have a great week my friend.


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