Standing On A Seashore


I am standing on a seashore
Like a vessel for departure.
The sea calls me in
To explore new places,
To see new faces beyond
The ordinary horizons

But I’m afraid as fear calls me out
To a distant city where we meet people.
The same old faces I see everyday
Where I belong, cannot leave.

The city dwellers, the nightwalkers,
The clerk and the watchman.
Stand and sit for a whole life,
To bread and not to change.

I am the one with an old axe,
Cutting the edges, not of the sea
But myself to sharpen my shape,
Not to be fierce but to be foul;
And I am standing, standing
On a seashore, unprepared.

                 _____Muhammad Shahab.


14 thoughts on “Standing On A Seashore

  1. Leaving home is something I’ve always struggled with too. It’s like trying to fill a hole with new empty faces who don’t even know you have one. But, it helps you grow! I loved this poem.

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