Jump Little Monster


Jump little monster

The river rushes for you.
How poltroon you are.
Decision once taken
Stand comme il faut.

Stand where you are
Little monster do not fight.
The world is up to slaughter you

Jump Lilliputian monster
You contemplated it
Now prance
For your life
Guzzle up from Lethe
She would not come back.

                 _____Muhammad Shahab.


15 thoughts on “Jump Little Monster

  1. momstermia says:

    Why are you are asking someone to die? Poetry is supposed to inspire. How does the world conspiring to slaughter someone make them less of a monster? There’s a reason why peace-lovers are celebrated. Because they are better than the monsters.


      • momstermia says:

        No I haven’t. I’m not so well read. I see acts as acts alone. Life not any man inspires my judgement. Also is ironic how monster no. 1 mentioned by me may be executed for this very “spontaneous flow of emotions” to say cruelties like rape or abuse.But its ok for a stranger to feel a “spontaneous flow of emotions” and from a distance throw stones at this little monster. I remember a guy who was the creator of a very big support group on facebook. His mom cut off his dad’s penis because he raped her. They may call her a monster. But she only reacted in defense. The real monster was his dad who raped her everyday.

        Sorry it has to get so graphic.{But if there is an impressionable mind reading your poem, they will hurt themselves) If the society really wants to slaughter someone its should be child traffickers and terrorists. But people dont have the courage to do that.

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      • Any poem has a tone, and this poem has an aggressive tone as obvious from its vocabulary. When you command someone to do something, they’ll refuse. I see it like that.


      • momstermia says:

        I’l tell you this. If someone has tried to kill themselves, it is because they have resigned to death completely. A large percentage of people who are suicidal do as they are told because they are so broken. They wont refuse. If you read about DOM – SUB relationships you with find out how sometimes women are abused to submission to a point that command is all they can take. Even the aggression becomes addictive after a point. So suicidal people dealing with worthlessness are going to listen to commands because that how damaged they are.
        Sorry again for how graphic I get. I only speak the truth because it will not hurt someone.


      • When one is “resigned to death completely”, one doesn’t listen to anyone, and by “completely”, I’d infer that a poem can neither (further) kill them nor stop them. Isn’t it? And;
        DOM-SUB relationship is by choice.


      • momstermia says:

        Yes. They resigned completely but failed to die. But its going to spark another attempt and bring it back up, even if its just hidden under the surface.
        DOM-SUB, many times by choice or ultimately by choice, If you read you you’ll find how someone is actually abused into becoming a sub. Bad example from poor literature, but Christian Grey of Fifty Shades was also abused. After that vanilla doesn’t work for them. If someone is abused they cannot function without commands because they cannot feel their own feelings. They internalize other people’s feelings. I feel stupid going on like this. I just had to tell you how it could impact someone.


      • momstermia says:

        What’s in a name?. I am just a concerned person who has seen abuse and suicide up close. So thought to speak.


  2. momstermia says:

    Also, there are two kinds of monsters. The hot-headed reactors – people who impulsively react to abuse like monsters and the narcissistic cold blooded ones who plan to pull down and tear someone. The first one is an angered caged monster constructed by the society through abuse and the second one is pure evil because they intend to hurt.

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