Four Defining Traits of the Leaders


Leaders are the ones who push others to the limits. Who are always willing to sacrifice and “work their butt off” as Schwarzenegger once said. In any field of life we see leaders and inspire from them. We often take their routine and lifestyle as a special trait. They are differentiated by some characteristics which are not there in all of us. So they have these following traits which differentiate them from the lot.

1. They are Up Front;
Whenever you come across any leader you’ll see him/her up front. They are always in the front row. Their function is like a Gladiator, like William Wallace from the movie Braveheart. They do not let failure touch them, but only winning and winning. They’ll sacrifice what they have for what they’ll become.

2. They are Up to Date;
The second trait of a leader is knowledge and information. Wherever they might be, they are always up to date. They keep themselves updated all the times for it pays them back not only in monetary terms but also as increasing their stock of knowledge. So when you acquire these two traits you are halfway there to be a leader.

3. They are Up to Their Job;
Yes, they will be seen in their work hours straight in their workplaces. Leaders are all the time workoholics. Also, they work smart rather than hard. I’ve also written on the skills for smart work. You can check by clicking here.

4. They are Always Up Early in the Morning;
This might be a little hard for all of us but leaders never compromise on waking up at early hours. Morning hours are extremely important. We have more energy. We are more relaxed. So we can have more hours of energy and relaxation to work as much as we can.



____Muhammad Shahab.
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