Jump Little Monster


Jump little monster

The river rushes for you.
How poltroon you are.
Decision once taken
Stand comme il faut.

Stand where you are
Little monster do not fight.
The world is up to slaughter you

Jump Lilliputian monster
You contemplated it
Now prance
For your life
Guzzle up from Lethe
She would not come back.

                 _____Muhammad Shahab.


Standing On A Seashore


I am standing on a seashore
Like a vessel for departure.
The sea calls me in
To explore new places,
To see new faces beyond
The ordinary horizons

But I’m afraid as fear calls me out
To a distant city where we meet people.
The same old faces I see everyday
Where I belong, cannot leave.

The city dwellers, the nightwalkers,
The clerk and the watchman.
Stand and sit for a whole life,
To bread and not to change.

I am the one with an old axe,
Cutting the edges, not of the sea
But myself to sharpen my shape,
Not to be fierce but to be foul;
And I am standing, standing
On a seashore, unprepared.

                 _____Muhammad Shahab.