You Are A Miracle


Is it a sin to behold a miracle?
Is it a sin to admire,
To adore and,
Worship a miracle?

For you my love!
Are a striking miracle.

And if,
It is a sin,
I’m damned eternally.

                  ____Muhammad Shahab.


A Sparrow; Happy and Lonely


I had dreamt–as often
Dreams do come true–
Of falling in love with you,
Of losing my being
To be in union with you

I saw the day the sundry folks
Were in queues,
Waiting upon you, save me
Looking through a glass mirror,
Reflecting the residue.

I was happy for the day.
Now and then I refrained,
But you advanced as I feared,

Yet I was happy,
For you were happy,
That being my world.

Now I am old.
Old as a meek sparrow
As a wave gently passing by.

Yet you left,
Refused to take me.
Not a word of coming back,
What a world have you left to me
For a world so strange and eternal?

                 _____Muhammad Shahab.


Departure into Death Kingdom


I feel your presence
In Mozart’s sonatas.

Hence you left
Only a volume,
And departed into the Death Kingdom

I listen till I bleed,
My love for you
Drips with every note,
And I’m dry.

You hover upon me,
Haunt me amid the tumult
Of an uproar in my head.

I become still,
The music stops,
The world stands stagnant before me.
With every sight you appear,
Every inch of my body you embody,
I imagine I’m adapting you,
In my spirit,
In my soul,
In my mind.

               _____Muhammad Shahab.


I am Lazarus!


I am Lazarus!
  Come from the dead,
  To tell ’bout the dread;
      The land there is the same here,
      The souls there the bodies here,

Nothing different, but the tumid river.

To cross the river,
Is a shock and shiver
You, here , they, there
Are the same but a sigh asunder
          The living and the dead.
_____Muhammad Shahab


To You From Deathbed

My darling!
Oh my life! my dream! my thought!
Hither, as you promised,
    Join my hands, life is sheer delusion;
Let us drink from Lethe together,
Be not afright, think not of coming back
    And be my alter ego
                         To eternity.

                            ____Muhammad Shahab