Love, Love!

You have made me sing
the melodies of love.
When I see you,
when you talk;
they’re songs of love.
To me it’s all.
I gave you my entire life,
it’s yours
I’m yours.
Will you be mine?
We’ll sing together
songs never sung.
Lost in each other
Love, love!
When you get here,
my world is unparalleled,
I’m perfect
I see in your eyes
blue as the Atlantic;
waves of ice
dancing dolphins.
There’re oceans, deep;
let me take a voyage
to your world.
Love, love!

_____Muhammad Shahab.


Becoming the Unknown

These rainy days;
the silt beside the beach
left by floods of the endless ocean,
adoring and beseeching.

I mourn the death—
the death of your love
mumbling away in breezes
the lost you—
like me, abandoned in these hours.

Once the beach had a spring—
it too, has become only a sediment;
no more colour and charm,

Those feelings, too, depart—
slowly I’m becoming the one,
unknown and forgotten.

_____Muhammad Shahab.


A Harrowing Tragedy

What I don’t say
Is what you see in my eyes–
They are clear.
My strange silence is known to you.
You’re the exuberant joy,
Living inspiration;
I see in you an effectual remedy
Of my heart.

Though piercing eyes
Seldom see
What is clear.
Lost in a pardonable pride;
Your apathetic smile, beguiling–
Is a harrowing tragedy
For the heart you animated–
Now extinguishing
In delicate tact.

____Muhammad Shahab.


A Troth

Plucking stars.
Taking ventures to deep oceans
When we were mariners.
Dreams dreamt;
Waking promises kept;
Holidays in heavens
When we were astronauts.
Flights in imagination when we were writers.

Dying together
Living upon the tip of an iceberg
Seeing our faces across newts
Bathing in a white foam,
Fingers running in hair,
Massaging palms delicately,
Spiny sleep on a fairy bed,
Borrowing the wings of fancy,
Exploring peaches in a Turkish fog,
Red envelope in white wine,
White daisies on the navels
Slumber in our waking dream.

I plight my troth,
Not in a dying sunset,
But the morning star;
Is the herald of my promise.
My asking lips would not hesitate.
I see the memories we keep,
In each breath we’ve inhaled together.
Only your smile would break
The claws, the claws
Of death. When we’re together
For a life and the life after life.

_____Muhammad Shahab.