A Troth

Plucking stars.
Taking ventures to deep oceans
When we were mariners.
Dreams dreamt;
Waking promises kept;
Holidays in heavens
When we were astronauts.
Flights in imagination when we were writers.

Dying together
Living upon the tip of an iceberg
Seeing our faces across newts
Bathing in a white foam,
Fingers running in hair,
Massaging palms delicately,
Spiny sleep on a fairy bed,
Borrowing the wings of fancy,
Exploring peaches in a Turkish fog,
Red envelope in white wine,
White daisies on the navels
Slumber in our waking dream.

I plight my troth,
Not in a dying sunset,
But the morning star;
Is the herald of my promise.
My asking lips would not hesitate.
I see the memories we keep,
In each breath we’ve inhaled together.
Only your smile would break
The claws, the claws
Of death. When we’re together
For a life and the life after life.

_____Muhammad Shahab.