And I Returned

Turning back from the verge of eternity.
It was close but good luck
Favours almost the one like me.
I could see them;
Some, burning in wild flames,
Others, bathing in mild sun.
bodies of wool;
Birds never glimpsed in fancies
Flying beside the glass pool—
And I returned.

_____Muhammad Shahab.


The Mirror

It is
A mirror.
The second self appears
On the other side.
Hopes and fears
Over head and ears.
I wonder–

Who’s real?
The one that sees
Or the one that is seen.
You tell me when you look
In the mirror
That sticks to that wall
As still as death;
Quiet as a lamb;
Who was there?
Though it has a truthful eye,
But the eyes that see and;
The eyes that are seen–

_____Muhammad Shahab.


A Pang of Painful Joy

I’m petrified in my room
The light is off,
Tenebrous as the inside of a coffin.
I see darkness stretched a million miles;
Beyond and beneath,
No horizon.

A grave so wide, each horizon dark,
Wide as a black sky–

There is a rabbit,
A lizard,
A moth,
The fly, the fly.
I cry a pang of painful joy–

I’m alone.
Yet a world
In a shambles;
A creation of my own being,
A revelation of my own desire.
A crocodile in the labyrinth.
A spark of light I see in a crack in the door.

I crawl heavily,
At a snail’s pace;
Ohh!…how I long for it.

____Muhammad Shahab.


I Ken it, Do You?

Volcano erupts
With high frequency.
Little wax
That leaves no trace
Upon the steeple.
Mushroom cooking
Without fire.
Fire in the heart,
Heart beating faster.

Peeled cucumbers
Mushroom! mushroom!
Elixir floats upon the mushroom.
Wasted life gives pro tem pleasure
Life begets life
Haste makes more waste
Or, to put an end?
End is itself a psychedelic pleasure,
Even more than that;

Wasted, wasted,
Plastic thought,
Dreams of salt,
Wine of beauty,
What is the beginning?
What is the end?
What is this?
I ken it, do you?

_____Muhammad Shahab.


Because I Have

Have you studied astronomy?
Because I have.

You are so rare
To find
Where from, you are
Not of this world;
Its shine and shimmer.
Hardly is anything like you.

There’s the spirit of an angel
Imbued in a worldly creature
Like you, breathing stars,
Even galaxies.

Don’t you wonder?
Your riveting and rapt
Shape shines more
Than the sparkling rays
Of the northern lights.

like a black hole
Absorb the light
From the eyes that behold you.
Not everyone would be
An astronomer
Like me, for you.

____Muhammad Shahab.


I Am

The sun is dark
Here in the shadows
As dark as the midnight
I like them–
No heat
Only me
I see in
I see.

No more shadows–
The phoney shadows.
The clumsy silhouette;
Black and blue
Following till they disappear.

Am I a psychopath or the sun?
To think I am
I am
There is only me
I am
Not a sick philosopher–
The energy;
Strenuous vitality
I am.

_____Muhammad Shahab.