The Gaol of Time

The blue ocean beneath,
And above in the air,
The creatures;
The one that walks,
The one that soars,
The one that dives,
All and sundry in a toil
To outlive the other.

Tell me…
Who will remain?
Who will triumph
The battle against time?
Our white hope like daisies
Exudes from a vacant arena
Full of the all-and-sundry.
Only in a gaol
Of time and its tricks.

____Muhammad Shahab.


Because I Have

Have you studied astronomy?
Because I have.

You are so rare
To find
Where from, you are
Not of this world;
Its shine and shimmer.
Hardly is anything like you.

There’s the spirit of an angel
Imbued in a worldly creature
Like you, breathing stars,
Even galaxies.

Don’t you wonder?
Your riveting and rapt
Shape shines more
Than the sparkling rays
Of the northern lights.

like a black hole
Absorb the light
From the eyes that behold you.
Not everyone would be
An astronomer
Like me, for you.

____Muhammad Shahab.