The Aliens We Love


I dared a stroll in the park.

Midnight it was, alone I wandered
The benches empty
Afar from the night walkers.

My aim not of being nostalgic,
But a voice calling
Through the window I heard.

This same voice I hearkened
For a fortnight
At last
I dared, I dared
Going to the spot.
I saw a shape, a form.
A form pitch black I hardly discerned
To be human.

Frightened as I was to what this beast,
This unearthly form would say.
It howled before me and I stood
Unmoved I know not why
The words I heard;
“Never love the alien I loved.”

             ____Muhammad Shahab.


The Unalloyed Love

You’re a handywork
More a miracle
Than a handywork.

Created by the hands of God
From the wondrous clay of heaven.
The heaven upon earth,
And the heaven upon heavens.

The Hands that moulded you,
Has moulded me too,
A beholder,
Of His miracle.

I adore you
To adore Him.
Isn’t my love the unalloyed love?

                  ____Muhammad Shahab.