hello again

as if marshmallow is sticky;
and a hedgehog is angry;


Face to Face

If ever was I so blessed;
It is today.
I saw you in a crowd.
But you stood different—
Your smell was preternatural
I was lost in your eyes
Seeing the little worlds they carried so far.
Your gaze I cannot miss;
It is a shining sun in the dark night.

I may call you mine.

There is a feeling of knowing you from eons.
I’ve spent my entire life waiting for you.
And now you’re here face to face—

_____Muhammad Shahab


Broken Window

Unconnected dreams
Colours of the rainbow
In shards scattered
Upon the glass of the window broken in the balcony
I collect them in dreams—
The colours, the shards
But Alas!
You occupy the blood—
Running in pursuit of you
To recollect you in the shards
To see you in the rainbow
Each colour makes your picture
You’re drawn in my imagination
In scarlet ink, amber, azure and many more.

______Muhammad Shahab.